Making discussion work

Right now in T175 the second online tutorial is in full swing… and as part of that students are expected to get a discussion going. So often, however, online discussion can be a faltering, awkward thing which never really becomes a vibrant experience and participants can come away feeling that it didn’t really work as well as they’d hoped.

However… help is at hand! There’s an excellent article called “How students can make conferencing work” by Ben Plumpton who used to work for the Open University and it’s a cracker. Full of useful tips and advice and well worth a read. Her key points are as follows:

* Get involved and make a commitment;
* Help people get to know you;
* Construct your messages well, and
* Take some responsibility.

So, read messages, get your head round the topic, post contributions, reply to others… ask interested, interesting questions… and take part! Fingers crossed you’ll end up with an enjoyable experience on your hands! :o)