Hi!  Welcome to my sf869 blog.  This blog is to be used in my Open University work for the Maths, Computing and Technology Faculty.  I’m going to be posting course-relevant bits and pieces as well as technology-related news, items and links.

A little about me – I am Sarah Horrigan, and I’m an Associate Lecturer on the course T175 in the East Midlands as well as working on T189 and T183.  In my full-time job, I’m an e-Learning Developer for Nottingham Trent University which means I get to play with technology and think of the best ways it can be used within courses… which is great fun!  I live in deepest, darkest Leicestershire with my husband and two young children and am easily contactable if you’re a member of one of my student groups because you’ll find my details on your Student Home Page!

I keep another blog for general educational technology ramblings which is called Kinda Learning and should you be a user of either Flickr or Twitter, then you’ll find me there too.