How to pass T175!

1. Participate in the Tutor Group forum.

Don’t just put online contributions like “I agree” (although these have their place), but add helpful contributions to group work and the conference in general. You’ll benefit… and others will too! You will need to participate online for at least two of the assignments so the more practice you get the better.

2. Hand in your assignments!

There is no substitution on T175, instead you are given a clear week to work on each assignment. There are 4 TMAs and 3 CMAs – and these make up the assignments element of your course work. The ECA counts for 100% of your exam mark and to pass the course you must get at least 40% for both the exam element and the assignments. It is possible to pass the course without doing every single TMA, but do try to submit them all as the feedback you get will be extremely helpful to you!

3. Use the resources available.

If you are at all stuck let someone know…

  • For general study/course queries – I’m the best bet
  • For technical problems – try the T175 Technical Help Forum or the OU Computing Helpdesk or 01908 653972
  • For computer or password problems – try the Ou Computing Helpdesk.
  • For general OU queries – try Student Services at the Regional Centre. We are all ready and willing to help… so don’t think you’re on your own!

4. Try to stick to the T175 course calendar!

If you are getting behind with the course, let me know and I can give you advice on how to catch up. Please remember that the deadline for the ECA cannot be extended… and it pays to keep in touch with the TMA deadlines throughout the course.

5. Log in to FirstClass regularly

If you don’t, then you may well miss important dates, announcements and TMA advice.

6. Keep notes

Don’t just note down extracts from the course material; make a note of any successes/problems, how you feel you’re doing, observations about what’s happening in the conferences… it will save you time when it comes to reflecting on what you’ve learned during the course for the ECA. The online learning journal, MyStuff, is ideal for this purpose so give it a try… if you find you don’t get on with it, then use another method to record your thoughts, but do keep notes!

7. Don’t forget that you need to manage your time well

If you’re fitting in study with the rest of your life, making sure you dedicate some time to getting through the course material is essential! You should spend approximately 8 hours on T175 per week… though at times it will be slightly more, and some times slightly less. Don’t feel guilty about doing things other than OU study, but do give yourself enough time!

8. Don’t get bogged down with technical problems

If you find that you’re spending more time on sorting out a technical problem than studying… something’s going wrong!! Get in touch with one of the sources of help I’ve already mentioned, and between us we’ll sort things out.

9. Keep an eye out for any news stories or bits of information which are T175-related.

If you keep up a general interest in ICT, then you’re studying even when you don’t think you’re studying.

10. Remember to take breaks and give yourself a pat on the back!

This is most important of all!