TU100 Weekly Newsletter – 22nd October

Well, it’s going to be a short newsletter from me this week because now that the deadline for TMA01 has passed for you… the deadline for getting your assignments marked and returned is ticking away for me!  Well… shortish anyway!

Tutor Group Activity

If you haven’t popped in to our online tutor group forum yet, please do.  There’s an activity running as we speak which you’ll need to take part in for TMA02.  It’s already shaping up to be an interesting discussion – lots of great contributions already, but plenty more to be said on the topic of ‘Facebook – Love it or Hate it’, so head on to our forum (login required) and take part!  The activity itself runs from Thursday 20th October to Thursday 3rd November and the details of what you need to do are here

TMAs – the marking and feedback process

I also thought it might be useful for you to have a quick overview of what’s involved in marking and feedback.  My approach is that I gradually download TMAs from the eTMA system as they come in.  I don’t like to start marking until the deadline has passed.  After that, I get marking which takes a bit of preparation.  I look at the tutor notes we’re given, I read through your assignments, think about the general messages of feedback I need to give then get marking.  When I give marks, I do so after I’ve given feedback – so they’re as thoroughly considered as I can.  I include feedback in two main places.  First on a copy of your TMA which you’ll find included when I return your submission and with the word _MARKED included in its file name and secondly in the PT3 which comes in the form of a web page (also included with your submission).  Both of these give feedback – specific feedback in the marked assignment and more general tips and things to think about in the PT3.  If you have a look at ‘Getting it Back‘ it talks you through some approaches for what to do with your marked TMA and you might find that helpful to have a look through while you’re waiting!

Because I work full-time it can take me up to two weeks to mark and return assignments – but you’ll get an email to let you know that it’s ready, so don’t feel you have to keep checking the system!  It’ll let you know!

This week’s study

The intriguingly named ‘Geography is History’ forms Block 1, Part 4.  From the technical stuff behind the internet to seeing what happens when you go to retrieve data from a website and get to see whether geography matters to other TU100 students.  There’s also a little on the question of whether or not mobile phones are safe… which makes this article from The Guardian very timely!

Right… off to do some more marking!

Have a great week


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