TU100 Day School 1 – Block 1, Parts 2 and 3

Today was the first of the Day Schools for TU100 and it involved a trip to Derby rather than my normal venue of Nottingham.  I covered materials from Block 1, Parts 2 and 3 and the main areas were a little on the evolution of computers, Moore’s Law, exponential growth, counting in binary, the basics of HTML and finally evaluating web resources.  A whirlwind tour through most of those!

The slides from the morning are here:

… and you’re welcome to download them if you like – just follow the link to the Slideboom website and you can get hold of a copy.

There’s also some more information on the PROMPT criteria – what that means and what you’re looking for available in this document… so again, dowload if you’d like.  We tried out using the PROMPT criteria on a page from ‘The Guardian‘ online and it was a thought-provoking experience as we considered each element against the purpose of why we’d discovered the site in the first place, i.e. what was the purpose of our search and what factors would be of particular importance? 

PROMPT.doc Download this file

The activities we did were mainly discussion-based or used paper (the ‘Retro HTML’ activity where everyone created a paper-based ‘web page’ by rearrange some words and HTML tags which were printed on little pieces of paper).  We also talked about the limits of exponential growth by doing an activity where we tried to keep on folding in half a piece of paper – and found that despite the exponential growth, a physical limit restricted its continuation.  Worth bearing in mind when looking at growth which is rocketing upwards – where are the limits and what might be the limiting factors?

All good fun!


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