TU100 Weekly Newsletter – 15th October

Week 3 of the module has arrived and with it… the first TMA is rolling around on the 20th. I’ll look ahead slightly to the forthcoming week of study, but we’ll also have a few TMA tips to help build confidence as well.

Oh, and thank you to those who took part in the discussion on your first computers. We had a great range of computers mentioned – and lots of memories stirred! Plenty of highlights… especially seeing the computer that Andrew got out of the loft! Great stuff!

The week ahead
In terms of studying and given that last week included things like exponential growth, Moore’s Law and binary to decimal conversions… this week should be nicely straightforward! It looks at the web, a little on HTML and then touches on RSS. I produced a little video on RSS and how news readers work a few years ago and it’s at  if you want to take a look – it summarises what Google Reader does and might be helpful!

Tutor Group Activity
Activity 16 involves our Tutor Group Wiki. I’ve set up the pages ready for you to have go at this. If you’ve never used a wiki before, then get editing! It’s all about collaboration and contribution… plus the ideas you guys share should be helpful all round!

TMA tips
Right – the first TMA for TU100. I was asked about writing style for this assignment and when you’re asked how *you* manage to organise your notes, talk from the first person, ‘When I take notes I…’ etc. For the second question where it talks about paraphrasing, there is a link to the Developing Good Academic Practice site – and writing in your own words is particularly relevant too. You might also find that http://www.open.ac.uk/skillsforstudy/paraphrasing.php is a useful article on paraphrasing so give that a quick look through as well. 

The TMA itself is half the size of a normal TMA and this is a great opportunity to check how you’re doing and break the ice with the assignments. Use the assignment itself as a checklist – go to the printable version of TMA01 (OU login required), print it out and physically cross off the sections as you do them. Highlight the key words for each part – for example ‘make notes’, ‘the main points’, ‘use bullet points or a spray diagram’ etc – this will help you to stay focused on the question. Also, have a go at all of it – ou won’t get marks for sections that you don’t attempt whereas you might pick up a few if you have a go!

If you are having any problems with the TMA, please give me a shout – you have my email address so do use it. Any extension requests before the cut-off date for the TMA… and make sure you submit your assignment as a .doc or .rtf rather than a .docx file.

Signing off now with a final good luck for TMA01! Midday on the 20th of October and your first assignment will be done. What a nice feeling that’ll be!


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