What is the first computer that you remember using…

Block 1, Part 2, Activity 1 (link requires Open University authentication) asks the following:


What is the first computer that you remember using? It could be anything from the personal computer (PC) you are using to study TU100 to one you used at work or owned/shared/borrowed in the past. If possible, you should identify the make of the computer, describe it and, if you can, say when you first used it. Can you add anything about your experience – for example, how easy and intuitive to use it was?


Thinking back over my own experience the first computer I remember using was a BBC Micro.

BBC Micro

I guess it must have been in about 1984 / 85 and I have a vague recollection of it being when I was at Primary School.  I don’t think we were using it for anything complex – though I do remember typing stuff into it for the ‘Doomsday Project‘ about my village (Uley in Gloucestershire).  If you look at that website, you can see how basic the typing and content was.  Plain text and that was that!  After the BBC Micro, I don’t think I used a computer at school… even into Secondary School* and only started using them when I went to University.



* this is not strictly true.  I managed to do a 6 week course on word processing when I was about 15 and spent 3 weeks of that unable to do anything at all because my computer was ‘broken’ and wouldn’t do anything when I pressed the buttons on the keyboard.  

On week 4, the teacher turned the computer on for me.  big grin



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