TU100 Weekly Newsletter – 8th October

… and on to week 2 of TU100!

This week’s studying

A range of things are covered in this week’s materials.  From note-taking to the first computers and beyond.  We’ve also got a bit of maths tucked away in there too and if you haven’t heard of binary before or have wondered what the idea behind counting in 1’s and 0’s is – this week you’re find out.  If nothing else, by the end of the week you’ll understand this joke…  “There are 10 types of people in the world… those who understand binary and those who don’t”!  Or at least roll your eyes appropriately!

TMA01 and iCMA51

We’ve got just over a week until TMA01 is due in and the module materials suggest that you attempt iCMA51 in the week before the due date… so… head on to http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/resourcepage/view.php?id=560429 and have a look at what you need to be doing.  It explains how the iCMAs work, what they count for and how many attempts you can have.  Though you need to do all iCMAs to pass the course, they’re what are known as ‘formative’ assignments.  They’re there to help you learn, to check your understanding and it’s a fairly pressure-free way to see how you’re doing generally!  With TMA01, again, keep an eye on it.  The note taking work you’ll do at the beginning of Block 1, Part 2 will help enormously here.  If you have any problems at all with it though, give me a shout either in our tutor group forum or via email.  

Tutor Group Forum

So, just about everyone has popped in to say hello in our tutor group forum, which is excellent.  If you haven’t yet managed to do so, then please stop by as it would be great to see you.  In this week’s materials Block 1, Part 2, Activity 1 asks you the following:

What is the first computer that you remember using? It could be anything from the personal computer (PC) you are using to study TU100 to one you used at work or owned/shared/borrowed in the past. If possible, you should identify the make of the computer, describe it and, if you can, say when you first used it. Can you add anything about your experience – for example, how easy and intuitive to use it was?

… and then asks you to share your response to the activity in our tutor group.  I’m going to kick us off with it – so just reply to my message.  I’ll be interested to see what everyone’s ‘first’ was!

Other tech news

Well, you can’t have failed to see in the news that Steve Jobs has died.  No matter what you think of Apple and its computers, the impact they’ve made on the way we view technology has been enormous.  There are the ’10 best tributes’ available from The Guardian online at http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/oct/06/steve-jobs-the-best-tributes and it’s worth a look – technology is full of innovators who found a way to make the mundane make a difference.  Steve Jobs falls very definitely into that category.  Plenty of food for thought there.

Day Schools

Oh, and finally… a little push for the Day School next weekend – 15th October.  There are a range of Day School locations to choose from – Nottingham to Leicester, Lincoln to Derby.  They’ll cover TMA01, iCMA51 and Block 1 Parts 2 and 3.   I’ll be covering the afternoon portion of the Derby Day School and you’re welcome to come if you’d like, however, the Nottingham one is probably going to be more convenient for you (or Lincoln if you’re further East) – so if I don’t see you next weekend, I’m sure you’ll still be getting plenty of benefit from as least one of the Day schools!

Have a great TU100-shaped week!


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