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TU100 Weekly Newsletter – 1st October

First of all… welcome to TU100!  The module officially starts today so this marks the beginning of the next 8 months’ worth of fun!

What I like to do is to try to produce a little newsletter each week which I email to everyone.  Some weeks it may not happen – normally because my head is down and doing marking – but most weeks it will.  The aim is to just review what we’ve done, think about what’s next and to flag anything else I think you might be interested in along the way.

This week’s studying…

So… where are we at now?  Well, the start!  Block 1 (out of 6), part 1… and it’s available in print or online which is great if you want to have more flexibility about where and how you study the materials.  This week looks at a range of things – from an overview of computers and their role in society to thinking about netiquette and online security.  Lots to get through, but all relevant and related to your own experience of using ICT, so I’m sure that you’ll enjoy reading it.

Tutor Group Forum activity

One of the things you’re asked to do during the week’s studying is to Google yourself (http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=560451&section=4.5) in section 4.5 and then share the results with the rest of our tutor group forum.  Have a go – I’ll be interested to see the results and what they reveal.


Do also take the opportunity to have a look at TMA01.  It’ll come sooner than you think and is available online at http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=622091 – read through the guidance and you can probably already make a start on Question 1a) which asks you how you take notes… and making a start on a TMA ahead of time always feels good so I thoroughly recommend it.  If you’re not sure about note-taking then head on over to http://learn.open.ac.uk/mod/resourcepage/view.php?id=560457&direct=1 where you’ll find a link to the excellent ‘Reading and Taking Notes’ pdf which is well worth downloading.

I’ll be posting the slides from today’s tutorial in our online tutor group as well as the handouts and ICT timeline activity which we worked through – keep your eyes peeled for that!  If you haven’t replied to my introductory email, then I’d love to hear from you – and if you haven’t popped into the tutor group forum, then please do.  There’s a virtual cup of tea waiting!

Right.  That’s me done for this week’s newsletter!  Have a great first week and I’ll look forward to seeing what your Googling results bring!


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