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TU100 Tutorial 1 – slides and handouts

Thanks to all who attended our tutorial in Nottingham this morning.  As promised, here are the handouts etc which I used today along with a brief summary of all that we covered…
Firstly – the weekly planner.  Please download, fill in and think about what you need to be doing in terms of managing your time both in the immediate future and across the life of the module.  Think also about what you’ll do should you find that you’re getting behind.  If you can jot down some coping strategies ahead of time, it will really help.

Weekly_Study_Planner.doc Download this file

This next handout was the ICT timeline activity we did – everyone got into groups, and arranged each of the inventions into oldest to most recent.  The chronological order is on page three and although invariably there may be some dispute about some of the placement of these things – the overall order is there.  We talked about the way that society impacts on invention and the change in size / ubiquity of devices.  It was also surprising to see how early some of the technologies were on the timeline as well as how late others ended up being too!  Lots of food for thought about what was important and why throughout. 

ict_timeline_icebreaker.doc Download this file

You should also be able to see the slides I used embedded below.  They cover the bare bones of the module – what each section covers, what the assessment will look like and shows where in the morning the activities came.
Any questions or queries from anyone in my tutor group, either reply here or drop me an email – you’ve got my address so please use it!


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