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Sarah’s T175 Newsletter – Week 6, 13th March

Middle of March and Week 6 has arrived!

First things first… I’m sure you’re all anxiously awaiting the return of your TMAs, so a quick update from me about that. Everyone who had extensions has now submitted their TMAs (well done all!) so I’m hoping to get my marking finished by Monday… and as I’ve mentioned before, don’t just look at the mark, download the marked assignment, read the feedback… and ask any questions you want of me about what I’ve written!

Next thing – thanks to all of you who filled in the PollDaddy survey I set up to ask whether or not these T175 Newsletters were useful to you.  There’s still time to give me feedback (while I’m writing your feedback on your TMAS, what better time could there be!)… so, head to http://surveys.polldaddy.com/s/A0816C9882F0A850/ and let me know what you think about these Newsletters.  The survey is completely anonymous, and I appreciate your honest responses to my questions as it helps me develop the way in which I offer support!

This week’s work is still looking at ‘People to Information’.  It covers a range of issues to do with finding and using information online and hope that you’re finding it useful.  I wondered if anyone had had an experience of anything mentioned in session 6.4 – viruses, spyware, malware on your computer?  Feel free to tell others if you have (either personally or through work)… and share what happened in our online tutor group.  You also might like to share the guide you’ve created on finding things on the web.  I wonder if we can come up with a complete list of hints and tips which I can put on this sf869.wordpress.com blog to share with others?  Fancy having a go at that?
Right – marking awaits… and I hope that you’ve had a good week and are getting a chance to enjoy the first taste of Spring outside too!

T175 Tutor


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