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Sarah’s T175 Newsletter – Week 5, 7th March

Well, I hope that everyone survived the experience of their first T175 TMA!  Congratulations on submitting it if you’ve got it in already… and to those of you with an extension – I look forward to receiving your work on the date we agreed (and thank you for contacting me ahead of time to arrange it).

Firstly, a quick bit of information about the marking process.  I’ll be marking your assignments over the next week and a half and am aiming to have them returned to you by the end of next weekend.  What you’ll receive when they’re returned is a notification to your e-mail which lets you know your assignment is ready for collection.  When you collect it, there will be two files you need to look at.  One is an HTML file with some general comments on your assignment.  The other will be the assignment itself with my comments on it.  I try to treat the feedback I give you as part of a conversation about how your learning is going.  So, you’ll find not only what the answer should have been, but also hints, tips and other things to think about which I hope you will find helpful.  Take time to read through my comments and if there is anything you want to discuss with me further – then I really welcome you contacting me – either by phone or e-mail.  You might also find it useful to add some notes to your learning journal about how you felt the assignment went while you’re waiting for me to mark it… it’s a useful thing to look back on as you move through the course.

So, next thing – we’re into Block 2 already!  Didn’t that come quickly!  This Block looks at ‘Communication and Identity’ and Part 1 focuses on ‘People to information’, looking at everything from how networks work to how you can evaluate information on the web.  If you’d like to share some of your ideas on how you judge whether or not a website is trustworthy with the rest of our tutor group – please do!

Finally – these Newsletters.  I’d really like to know if you’re finding them helpful, if you can find about five minutes to quickly fill in this survey: 

 then I’d be really grateful.

It’s completely anonymous, I really just would like to know whether what I’m writing is adding to your studies… and if it’s just another thing to read which is too much… then that would be valuable for me to know too!

On with Block 2… and I’ll get on with this marking!


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