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The TMA process

So – the first TMA deadline has just passed and the question is probably – when will I get my work back? Since I’m having a break from marking, I thought I’d just explain what happens.

Firstly, you submit your assignment
I then download your TMA from the system
I open it using a bit of software called the eTMA Marking Tool
This allows me to open your assignment as well as creating an overall comments file – the PT3. And no, I don’t know what PT3 stands for… it just ‘is’!
I go through you work, inserting comments using the ‘comment’ facility in Microsoft Word and working out the part marks.
Once that’s done, I write an overall comment on your PT3.
The whole thing is saved as a zip file which I return to the eTMA system.
Your mark is registered and a message arrives in your inbox telling you your assignment is available for collection.

I try to get the whole process done as quickly as possible. It tends to be between 7 and 10 days, but I aim for less… and am given up to 2 weeks by the OU to complete the marking. If, for some reason, you haven’t had your TMA returned more than 14 days after the deadline / any extension deadline – then drop me an e-mail or ring me and I’ll update you with what’s going on.

I hope that you find the whole process useful. I know everyone looks first at their mark… but I do insert plenty of comments as feedback which I hope will help you with your understanding of the course material. If you have any questions on anything I’ve written – you’re more than welcome to get in touch with me!

So… back to marking I go… and… good luck to you!


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