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The art of being well-informed

Lovely article which is actually really great advice for staying on top of your studies…

Meanwhile, remember that it can be tricky to be on top of your subject if you're always thinking about entirely different things, or watching reality TV. So do spend some of your time in libraries and lectures. And while you're there, ask for advice about the most useful publications and online resources available in your subject.

Then, read. Start with all those bits of paper you were given at the beginning of term where you will find loads of useful information. Try reading emails from tutors, and comments on the bottom of assignments. You can make all sorts of interesting discoveries by simply casting your eyes over noticeboards and reading some of the posters stuck around the student union. It's even worth reading things like your course handbook.

Then there are newspapers, magazines, websites. It is also worth joining the odd online discussion group in areas that interest you. Oh, and don't forget to Twitter, or to check what your friends are up to on Facebook, although no more than five times an hour.

via The art of being well-informed | Education | The Guardian.

… the more you can stay informed, the more you find you know about your subject, the more you find you have to say about your subject, the more you find that you think about your subject generally… it’s great advice!


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