T175 Links 01/30/2009

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Starting a new course

There’s nothing quite like starting a new Open University course.  The materials arrive.  You get access to a brand new set of online resources.  Up pops your new tutor’s name.  And, you get ready for the off!  10 weeks, 4 months, 9 months… a year… whatever the length, the journey is about to begin.

So, things to do at the start.  Have a browse through the resources to try to figure out how they piece together.  Look at the assignments to see a) when they are and b) the sorts of things you’re going to have to do for them.  Look again at the materials.  Do they seem to fit together a little better on second look?  If you’re new to the OU, then a good first stop is the Getting Started Induction site and it’ll help you decode some of the jargon which flies around the Open University.  You might also want to check out any online forums which are associated with the course to say hello and make yourself feel that this thing really is going to be happening.

Here’s my advice on OU courses.  I’ve studied a fair few of ’em en route to a couple of OU degrees and it hasn’t always been easy.  Sometimes, anything but.  But, here’s the thing.  If you dig your heels in,  keep your eyes on the prize (finishing the course!) and make a pact with yourself right now, at the beginning of the course, that you will find a way, any way to make it from start to finish and will not suffer in silence if things start to become tricky… then… you can do it.

Start of a course.  Your chance to learn, to prove to yourself that you’re all that you’re capable of and it’s a fantastic ride!  I love that as an OU tutor I get to witness part of the journey along with you.  Enjoy!

First Tutorial info

Just to let everyone in my T175 tutor group know that our first tutorial is coming up fairly soon.

It’ll be at Leicester Adult Ed College, Leicester on Saturday 07 Feb 2009 from 10:00-12:00

I’ll be going over some hints and tips for managing the course as well as starting to look towards the first assignment… and it’ll be a great opportunity for as many of us as possible to meet, face-to-face.


Hi!  Welcome to my sf869 blog.  This blog is to be used in my Open University work for the Maths, Computing and Technology Faculty.  I’m going to be posting course-relevant bits and pieces as well as technology-related news, items and links.

A little about me – I am Sarah Horrigan, and I’m an Associate Lecturer on the course T175 in the East Midlands as well as working on T189 and T183.  In my full-time job, I’m an e-Learning Developer for Nottingham Trent University which means I get to play with technology and think of the best ways it can be used within courses… which is great fun!  I live in deepest, darkest Leicestershire with my husband and two young children and am easily contactable if you’re a member of one of my student groups because you’ll find my details on your Student Home Page!

I keep another blog for general educational technology ramblings which is called Kinda Learning and should you be a user of either Flickr or Twitter, then you’ll find me there too.